Check out 5 Air Purifying House Plants

Check out 5 Air Purifying House Plants

Green Plants not only add beauty to your homes but also purify the entire environment. Are you worried about growing plants in your home? Nip your worries in bud, it is easy and is so much fun to grow these air purifying house plants.

Now, let us add a touch of green décor to our homes with these 5 air purifying house plants.  

Bamboo Palm- Chamaedorea seifrizii or Bamboo Palm is known for purifying the air in homes. It beautifully detoxifies the environment. It clears out benzene and trichloroethylene from indoor air. You need to keep these plants moist in indirect sunlight as it thrives in such condition and environment. Bamboo Palms give a dramatic and peaceful touch in living room.

Snake Plant- Snake plant is also known as mother-in-law’s tongue! It is easier to grow indoor houseplant. Its leaves have white or yellow edges and these variegated leaves grow upright. This helps clear the air pollutants. It absorbs Carbon Dioxide and releases Oxygen during the night. It requires normal room temperature to grow and air should be somewhat dry. Rarely, this plant gets small white flowers.

Rubber Plant- Rubber Plant is known for removing chemical toxins such as formaldehyde from air. This beautiful rubber plant is also called as Ficus robusta (Botanical Name). Keep in mind that rubber Plant Leaves can be toxic so keep you pets and kids away. This plant needs less light compared to other indoor plants.


Peace Lily- Peace Lily also known as Spathiphyllum sp. – is a wonderful indoor toxin killer. It is a beautiful low-maintenance flower needs modest amount of sunlight, cooler temperatures but requires plenty of water. Round the clock, these Peace lily flowers keep reducing the levels of a number of toxins in the air.

Aloe Plant- Aloe plant is a natural air purifier. The gel of the aloe plant has got healing properties. It is known for soothing skin burns and cuts. Its pointed leaves have got medicinal properties. Aloe Plant helps clear the air of pollutants found in harmful chemicals. It prefers room temperatures around 70 degrees, a lot of sunlight and it prefers dry soil.

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