Check out Vastu tips for a Blissful Bedroom

Check out Vastu tips for a Blissful Bedroom

Turn the negative energy of your bedroom into positive energy. Few small changes can bring you and your loved one closer again.

Vastu Shatra is the ancient cosmic science of architecture that helps create a blissful environment at living space. It ensures a better life and brings happiness and harmony in your and your loved ones lives.

Bed placement

Your bed should be placed with the head towards the south direction or east direction. We would suggest couple to sleep on single mattress. It is good if your bed is made of wood because metal bed creates negative vibrations.


To add positive energy to your love life, couples can keep two rose quartz hearts in the south-west corner of bedroom. Please remove all chipped or broken items from your bedroom. Remove the statues of Gods from your bedroom. Avoid sleeping under an overhead beam.

You should avoid aquariums, paintings of war scenes, water fountains and paintings of single women.

Remove Electronic Gadgets

Experts say that Televisions, Laptops, Computers and Cell Phones create frequencies that emit harmful radiation. Do not keep these devices in your bedroom as they are high electro stress instruments. It disturbs the whole environment of the bedroom. Clutter creates disharmony in living space and it disturbs the energy flow.


We all know that colors do affect our health and state of mind. Never use dark colors in the bedroom, always use colors like cream, off-white and baby pink as it soothes your mind. The art of using colors to boost up the mood of people is also known as color therapy. Further, keep your bedroom clutter free, clean and it should be well organized.


From ancient times, people have been using aromas to uplift their mood and spirit. It adds splendor to the romance of couple. You may keep diffusers and aromatic candles to keep your bedroom smell fresh. We would suggest you to use lavender fragrances and refreshing jasmine fragrance.

Follow these pointers and bring small changes in your bedroom and rejuvenate your love life.

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