Demonetization Impact on Real Estate

#Demonetization Impact on Real Estate!

Real Estate Market is going to see dramatic changes by the recent demonetization of the higher currency notes by the Modi government.


This brilliant move is expected to come as a relief to those people who cannot afford the high Housing Loan EMIs. Many developers are coming up with affordable housing projects to cater to the needs of home buyers. It has led to revival of Affordable housing segment.

This has opened many options at affordable rates for the buyers who couldn’t afford an apartment in metropolitan cities.

Credible and Reputed developers will be unaffected by the demonetization move but small players will be affected. Reputed developer won’t feel the heat of demonetization because buyers in such big projects draw home loans to buy their homes. Moreover, the transactions are done through legal channels.

There has been some turmoil in the real estate segment due to demonetization but experts believe it will settle down in a short period of time. There might be an impact on tier 2 or 3 cities wherein cash used to play a dominant role in primary residential sales. However, the overall impact in the sector in the long term will be good and positive. It is right time to buy homes at affordable rates! Call us for Affordable Homes!!!

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