Generally asked Questions by Home Buyer?

What you should keep in mind while buying a flat?

Important factors to look at-

Locality- proximity to workplace, health care, educational institutions and recreational zones.

Greenery & pollution levels.

Super built up area, built up area & carpet area of the flat.

Charges-  Price, registration charges, stamp duty, maintenance charges and transfer fees.

Appreciation of the property for rental and resale.

Developer’s Track Record.

Water & Power Supply.

Parking Space & Other Utilities.


What are the documents I need to check while buying property?

Title Deed/ Check for evidence of right to ownership.

Encumbrance Certificate.

Approval on the building plan and construction.

Documents showing property as debt free asset.

Water and power supply related documents.


What documents do you need to register a new flat?

Completion Certificate, NOC from banks (No Objection Certificate), Sale Deed, Building Plans Approvals, NOC from the developer, PAN Card and Photographs.


What is meant by Super Built-Up Area, Built-Up Area & Carpet Area?

Built up area plus other common amenities areas such as corridors, lift, club, stairs, lobby, and stairs is known as Super Built Up Area.

The thickness of outer walls, balcony in addition to the carpet area is known as Built up Area.

The actual area to lay the carpet, actual used area of a unit or the area enclosed within the walls is known as carpet area. The said area excludes the thickness of the inner walls.


What is Khata?

Khata is a document specifying details such as built up area, size and location of the property. It is required while paying property tax.  It is also needed if you require a bank loan, building license and trade license.

What is Stamp Duty?

The state government imposes tax on the agreed value or the market value, whichever is higher is called Stamp Duty. The buyer is required to pay the tax amount and the tax amount differs from state to state. The sale deed is considered void, if the buyer doesn’t pay the stamp duty.

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