Find out the Stamp Duty Rate in Your City?

Stamp Duty Rates in India

Find out the Stamp Duty Rate in Your City?

Stamp duty is the part of additional costs of buying properties. Based on the total declared value of the property, Stamp duty is a fee that needs to be paid while transferring an asset from one person to another. If stamp duty is charged at 5 per cent in your city, you need to pay Rs 5 for a property worth Rs 100.

Recently Union Urban Development Minister M Venkaiah Naidu has asked states of the country to cut down stamp duty charges in order to make housing more reasonable. But, some states have not heeded to the recommendation of the minister. Earlier, stamp duty was charged to maintain the registers but now this is one of the major sources of revenue for state governments.

Noida-Stamp Duty

Recently, the Noida Authority hiked the stamp duty charges. It has hiked the charges from 5% to 7%.

Gurgaon- Stamp Duty

Gurgaon is now officially known as Gurugram. In urban areas of Gurugram, one has to pay 8% stamp duty for transactions whereas in rural areas, one has to pay 6% stamp duty for property. You will be happy to know that in case sale deed is executed in favor of a woman the stamp duty charges are 6% in urban areas and 4% in rural areas.

Ahmedabad- Stamp Duty

One has to pay a stamp duty of 4.9 per cent in Ahmedabad. This rate is one of the lowest across the major cities of our country.

Bengaluru-Stamp Duty

You have to pay 5.65% stamp duty in rural areas of Bengaluru. And, you have to pay 5.6% in urban areas of the city. Bengaluru is also known as Bangalore.

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